Adobe Illustrator CS5


Powerful drawing program! Utilize the design process and Adobe Illustrator to unleash your graphic solutions for a variety of projects. Create an impressive digital video portfolio which will include eye-catching logos, business cards, brochures, advertisements, product packaging, and more. Import your special text effects and images into other software programs or onto web pages to enhance it. Your designs will be developed to meet criteria for today’s market place. This course will give you the background needed for follow-up Graphic/Desktop Design, Audio/Visual productions, and other multi-media programs. Explore your creative potential and transform any ordinary document into something extraordinary.

Adobe InDesign CS5

“Design” gives you power to add impact to your words. It presells the importance of your words and makes it easy for readers to understand your message. Design helps you get better results from the money you spend to distribute your message. Learn design principles and concepts to create professional looking documents. Use Adobe InDesign CS5 to create books, electronic books, business cards, letterhead, magazines covers, etc.

AutoCad - TDA4M

AutocadLT will empower students to produce technical drawings used in construction, landscaping & interior design. Various commands and concepts will be introduced, enabling students to produce furniture, lighting, and electrical plans and elevations, complete with dimensions and title block. Architectural graphic standards will be explored.


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