Learning Strategies Course

 This course is designed to improve students’ understanding and knowledge of the fundamental skills in Math, Science, Social Science and English courses.  The course has been designed to prepare and assess the necessary skill sets to make successful transitions to essential courses and/or college level courses in any of the four disciplines.  Students will learn the fundamental skills\techniques necessary in each discipline to maximize their learning potential. This course is available to all students who feel they need to refresh their skills for success before proceeding into any course.


On-the-Job Training

Ask about co-op packages that are available to enrich your work experience!

Co-operative Education

There are 2 pathways in Cooperative Education that are credit bearing. Both pathways consist of a theory component and a workplace component for each credit granted. Students are monitored/evaluated by the teacher and the employer regularly.

  1. For students working on completing their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, current employment may be considered for an opportunity to earn additional high school credits.
  2. Traditional co-op placements are made through the school and must follow Ministry of Education policy and guidelines. Prerequisite: Recommendation of teacher(s)/history of regular attendance

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