LLC's Students Speak

"I have found the Lifetime Learning Centre to be a state of the art facility with knowledgeable staff and concise educational programs. Thanks, LLC!"
-- C.P., St. Catharines

-- A.S., St. Catharines

"For the first time in years, I feel that my life is headed in the right direction, thanks to the Lifetime Learning Centre!"
-- K.M., St. Catharines

"My success at the Lifetime Learning Centre made me realize anything is possible. I now have the confidence to pursue a college diploma, a goal which I had abandoned years ago."
-- K.C., St. Catharines

"Despite many years of schooling, including 6 post secondary years, I was nervous about going back to school everyday. But the environment at LLC is not stressful and you feel that the teachers want you to succeed as much as you do. I was also surprised that they are able to give you one-on-one help when you need it."
-- G.H., St. Catharines

"The Centre has made a new person out of me. I've learned things I never thought I could do. Also, at age 55, I am getting my High School Diploma...thanks to the Centre and the amazing teachers."
M.R., St. Catharines

"The Lifetime Learning Centre has helped me increase my confidence with regards to computers. I'm not afraid of them anymore."
-- M.C., St. Catharines

"The Lifetime Learning Centre provides a relaxed learning environment that makes it easy to learn new skills or upgrade existing ones...Thanks."
-- S.B., St. Catharines

"I have made new friends while learning new computer skills."
-- B.H., St. Catharines


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